Friday, 31 January 2014

Nobody can open up your eyes for you. That is your own job.


Beautiful life

She sees the world through TV screens
All of her friends in magazines
ohh yeah
But everyday she lives a broken dream, yeah
Making her own reality

There's lots of make up on her face
To cover up an empty space
But there's a lot behind those big blue eyes
She just don't realize

Everybody's gone and lost their mind
It's just the days we live in
Most of the time

Get up out the dark
Open up your eyes
You'll discover there's a world outside

To fix a broken heart
You have to try
Pick it up, pick it up
It's a beautiful life

Beautiful life, beautiful life
It's a beautiful life, beautiful life

He's got his fortune on the plate
But all that money wont change fate
He's got six zeros but no one to share it with no friends, no girl, no one in the world

Everybody's gone and lost their mind
It's just the days we live in
Most of the time

Get up out the dark
Open up your eyes
You discover there's a world outside

To fix a broken heart
You have to try
Pick it up, pick it up
It's a beautiful life

Beautiful life, beautiful life
It's a beautiful life, beautiful life

We're not so different
You and I
Cause everybody's got a place to hide
But it's just the days we live in
Mmm, most of the time

Get up out the dark (get up out the dark)
Open up your eyes
You discover there's a world outside there's a world outside
To fix a broken heart
You have to try
Pick it up, pick it up
It's a beautiful life

Beautiful life, beautiful life
It's a beautiful life, beautiful life (It's a beautiful life)


Beautiful life

Beautiful life

Your death is my life. Die to the past and give life to the present.


This journey called life is your own personal journey. The day you realize that, you will no longer want anything but the best for yourself.


People and situations that surround you are the best indicators of where you stand at this very moment. Remember that you can always change that as those people and situations are nothing but you yourself.


Thursday, 30 January 2014

Love After Love

The time will come, when with elation,
you will greet yourself arriving
at your own door, in your own mirror,
and each will smile at the other's welcome
and say, sit here. Eat.
You will love again the stranger who was your self.
Give wine. Give bread. Give back your heart
to itself, to the stranger who has loved you.
all your life, whom you have ignored
for another, who knows you by heart.
Take down the love letters from the bookshelf,
the photographs, the desperate notes,
peel your own image from the mirror.
Sit. Feast on your life.

Dereck Walcott

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Relationships: Why you attract who you attract

Marty tells me in a phone session, "Susan is always criticizing me. How do I get her to stop?"

Fiona tells me in a Skype session, "Jeff is often withdrawn. I feel so angry about this."

It's always easy to see what your partner is doing that you don't like, but it's generally very challenging to see your end of a dysfunctional relationship system. However, your end of the system is equal to your partner's end, as we attract people at our common level of woundedness or our common level of health -- our common level of self-abandonment or our common level of self-care.

What Does This Mean?

This means that the degree to which you emotionally abandon yourself -- by judging yourself, ignoring your feelings, turning to addictions, and/or making others responsible for your feelings -- is the same degree to which your partner is emotionally abandoning himself or herself.

The minute Marty tells me about Susan criticizing him, I know that Marty is likely criticizing himself and may also be giving himself up to her to try to have control over getting her approval. Each is controlling in their own way, but Marty is aware only of how Susan is trying to control him.

When Fiona tells me about Jeff's withdrawal, she is also telling me about her anger -- two sides of their dysfunctional relationship system.

The problem is that Marty and Susan and Fiona and Jeff all got together wanting to get love, rather than knowing how to love themselves and share their love.

Do you really want to continue to do this in your life?

Attracting at Your Common Level of Emotional Health

Attracting at your common level of emotional health means that you have done the inner work necessary to heal your feelings of shame and insecurity. It means that you know how to fill yourself with love and share your love with others. It means that you have stopped abandoning yourself and have learned how to love yourself, which means that you take responsibility for your feelings, rather than avoiding your feelings or making another responsible for them.

When you learn to value yourself and take responsibility for your feelings, you are no longer attracted to someone who emotionally abandons themselves. You are drawn to people who also value themselves and want to share love rather than get love. So you will no longer end up with someone who blames, withdraws, judges or sees themself as a victim. You will just not find this person attractive, as they are not at your common level of emotional health.

The Frequency of Attraction

The law of attraction states that "like attracts like." This means that people with a low frequency -- people who are insecure and self-abandoning -- attract each other, while people with a high frequency -- people who love and value themselves -- also attract each other. People who are positive, open, secure, giving, caring and kind to themselves and others are not attracted to people who are closed, negative and needy of approval and attention.

While no one deliberately seeks out someone who is closed, negative and needy, if this is you, this is what you will attract into your life. If you want a loving relationship, then you need to do the work of learning how to take emotional responsibility. This means:

Learning to be present in your body rather than stuck in your mind avoiding your feelings

Being open to learning about what your feelings are telling you rather than protecting against them with various addictions and self-judgments

Learning to access a spiritual source of love, rather than expecting someone else to be your higher power

Learning to take loving action in your own behalf rather than expecting others to do this for you

If you are seeking a relationship, why not start today learning how to love yourself rather than continue to abandon yourself? If you are a in a relationship that is having problems, the most important thing you can do to help the relationship is learn how to love yourself rather than continue to abandon yourself.

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.

Monday, 27 January 2014

You must pass through wordly suffering to meet Him again.


Come on my child, 
don't cry for the one
who is not the One.
Him you have never lost, 
nor will you ever lose.


When you find the love, you find yourself. The secret is in love. You are the love, not another.

Sidi Muhammad al-Jamal

Open your eyes now
before you think you will die,
When you die,
you move to another world,
like passing through a wall into the next room.
But in truth there is no death,
because God did not bring you to live in order to kill you.
Live in God,
to be, in everything, nothing.
The nothingness of self in God is not death,
but life.You are the truth of God,
but She is a hidden treasure,
And the treasure of your own truth is hidden inside you.

The truth of God does not go.
She endures in everything,
And nothing could exist without the truth within it.
The truth has no beginning
So nothing has the power to end Her
but everything receives it essence from Her;
Even death is true only by virtue of the power of truth.

Sidi Muhammad al-Jamal

Friday, 24 January 2014

I am yours.
Don't give myself
Back to me.


You have no need to travel anywhere.
Journey within yourself,
enter a mine of rubies and bathe
in the splendor of your own Light.


Tuesday, 14 January 2014

One who has attained the Tao
is master of herself, 
and the universe is
dissolved for her. 
Throw her in the company 
of the noisy and the dirty, 
and she will be like a lotus flower 
growing from muddy water, 
touched by it, 
yet unstained. 

T'u Lung

Sunday, 5 January 2014


Give up anger; renounce pride; 
transcend all worldly attachments. 
No sufferings touch the person
who is not attached to name and form, 
who calls nothing one’s own. 
Whoever restrains rising anger like a chariot gone astray, 
that one I call a real driver; 
others merely hold the reins.

Overcome anger by love; overcome wrong by good; 
overcome the miserly by generosity, and the liar by truth. 
Speak the truth; do not yield to anger; 
give even if asked for a little. 
These three steps lead you to the gods.

The wise who hurt no one, who always control their body, 
go to the unchangeable place, 
where, once they have gone, they suffer no more. 
Those who are always aware, who study day and night, 
who aspire for nirvana, their passions will come to an end.

This is an old saying, Atula, not just from today: 
“They blame the person who is silent; 
they blame the person who talks much; 
they also blame the person who talks in moderation; 
there is no one on earth who is not blamed.”
There never was, nor ever will be, nor is there now
anyone who is always blamed or anyone who is always praised.

But the one whom those who discriminate praise
continually day after day as without fault, 
wise, rich in knowledge and virtue, 
who would dare to blame that person, 
who is like a gold coin from the Jambu river? 
That one is praised even by the gods, even by Brahma.

Be aware of bodily anger and control your body. 
Let go of the body’s wrongs
and practice virtue with your body.

Be aware of the tongue’s anger and control your tongue. 
Let go of the tongue’s wrongs
and practice virtue with your tongue.

Be aware of the mind’s anger and control your mind. 
Let go of the mind’s wrongs
and practice virtue with your mind.

The wise who control their body, 
who control their tongue, 
the wise who control their mind are truly well controlled.



If a person holds oneself dear, 
let one watch oneself carefully. 
The wise should be watchful
during at least one of the three watches.

Let each person first direct oneself to what is right; 
then let one teach others; thus the wise will not suffer. 
If a person makes oneself as one teaches others to be, 
then being well-controlled, that one might guide others, 
since self-control is difficult.

Self is the master of self; 
who else could be the master? 
With self well-controlled
a person finds a master such as few can find.

The wrong done by oneself, born of oneself, 
produced by oneself, crushes the fool, 
just as a diamond breaks even a precious stone. 
The one whose vice is great brings oneself down
to that condition where one’s enemy wishes one to be, 
just as a creeper overpowers the entangled sala tree. 
Bad actions and actions harmful to ourselves are easy to do; 
what is beneficial and good, that is very difficult to do.

The fool who scorns the teaching of the saintly, 
the noble, and the virtuous, and follows wrong ideas, 
bears fruit to one’s own destruction, 
like the fruits of the katthaka reed.

By oneself is wrong done; by oneself one suffers; 
by oneself is wrong left undone; by oneself is one purified. 
Purity and impurity come from oneself; 
no one can purify another.

Let no one neglect one’s own duty
for the sake of another’s, however great; 
let a person after one has discerned one’s own duty, 
be always attentive to this duty.



Awareness is the path of immortality; 
thoughtlessness is the path of death. 
Those who are aware do not die. 
The thoughtless are as if dead already.

The wise having clearly understood this, 
delight in awareness
and find joy in the knowledge of the noble ones. 
These wise ones, meditative, persevering, 
always using strong effort, 
attain nirvana, the supreme peace and happiness.

If a person is awake, aware, mindful, pure, considerate, 
self-restrained, and lives according to duty, 
that person’s glory will increase. 
By awakening, by awareness, by restraint and control, 
the wise may make for oneself
an island which no flood can overwhelm.

Fools follow after vanity, are ignorant and careless. 
The wise keep awareness as their best treasure. 
Do not follow after vanity
nor after sensual pleasure nor lust.

Whoever meditates with awareness obtains great joy. 
When the wise conquer thoughtlessness by awareness, 
climbing the terraced heights of wisdom, 
free from sadness viewing the sad crowd below, 
they gaze upon the fools, like one on the mountain peak
gazes upon those standing on the plain.

Aware among the thoughtless, awake among the sleepy, 
the wise advances, like a racehorse leaves behind the slow. 
By awareness Indra rose to become chief of the gods. 
People praise awareness; thoughtlessness is always blamed.

A mendicant who finds joy in awareness, 
who looks with fear on thoughtlessness, 
moves about like fire, 
burning all restrictions, small or large. 
A mendicant who finds joy in awareness, 
who looks with fear on thoughtlessness, 
cannot fall away, but is close to nirvana.


The Awakened

The one whose conquest cannot be conquered again, 
into whose conquest no one in this world enters, 
by what track can you lead that one, 
the awakened, the omniscient, the trackless?

The one whom no desire
with its snares and poisons can lead astray, 
by what track can you lead that one, 
the awakened, the omniscient, the trackless?

Even the gods emulate those who are awakened and aware, 
who are given to meditation, who are wise, 
and who find joy in the peace of renunciation.

It is difficult to be born as a human being; 
difficult is the life of mortals; 
difficult is the hearing of the true path; 
difficult is the awakening of enlightenment.

Not to do wrong, to do good, and to purify one’s mind, 
that is the teaching of the awakened ones. 
The awakened call patience the highest sacrifice; 
the awakened declare nirvana the highest good.

The one who strikes others is not a hermit; 
one is not an ascetic who insults others. 
Not to blame, not to strike, 
to live restrained under the law, 
to be moderate in eating, to live alone, 
and to practice the highest consciousness—
this is the teaching of the awakened ones.

There is no satisfying lusts, 
even by a shower of gold pieces. 
Whoever knows that lusts have a short taste
and cause pain is wise. 
Even in heavenly pleasures one finds no satisfaction; 
the disciple who is fully awakened
finds joy only in the destruction of all desires.

People driven by fear go for refuge
to mountains and forests, to sacred groves and shrines. 
That is not a safe refuge; that is not the best refuge. 
After having got to that refuge, 
a person is not delivered from all pains.

Whoever takes refuge with the awakened one, 
the truth, and the community, 
who with clear understanding perceives the four noble truths: 
namely suffering, the origin of suffering, 
the cessation of suffering, and the eightfold holy way
that leads to the cessation of suffering, 
that is the safe refuge; that is the best refuge; 
having gone to that refuge, 
a person is delivered from all pains.

A person of true vision is not easy to find; 
they are not born everywhere. 
Wherever such a sage is born, the people there prosper. 
Blessed is the arising of the awakened; 
blessed is the teaching of the truth; 
blessed is the harmony of the community; 
blessed is the devotion of those who live in peace.

Whoever gives reverence to those worthy of reverence, 
whether the awakened or their disciples, 
those who have overcome the army
and crossed the river of sorrow, 
whoever gives reverence to such as have found deliverance
and are free of fear, 
their merit cannot be measured by anyone.


The Twin Verses

What we are is the result of what we have thought,
is built by our thoughts, is made up of our thoughts.
If one speaks or acts with an impure thought, 
suffering follows one, 
like the wheel of the cart follows the foot of the ox.

What we are is the result of what we have thought, 
is built by our thoughts, is made up of our thoughts. 
If one speaks or acts with a pure thought, 
happiness follows one, 
like a shadow that never leaves.

“They insulted me; they hurt me; 
they defeated me; they cheated me.” 
In those who harbour such thoughts, 
hate will never cease.

“They insulted me; they hurt me; 
they defeated me; they cheated me.” 
In those who do not harbour such thoughts, 
hate will cease.

For hate is never conquered by hate. 
Hate is conquered by love. 
This is an eternal law. 
Many do not realise that we must all come to an end here; 
but those who do realise this, end their quarrels at once.

Whoever lives only for pleasures, 
with senses uncontrolled, 
immoderate in eating, lazy, and weak, 
will be overthrown by Mara, 
like the wind throws down a weak tree.

Whoever lives not for pleasures, 
with senses well controlled, 
moderate in eating, has faith and the power of virtue, 
will not be overthrown by Mara, 
any more than the wind throws down a rocky mountain.

Whoever would put on the yellow robe
without having cleansed oneself from impurity, 
disregarding self-control and truth, 
is not deserving of the yellow robe.

But whoever has cleansed oneself from impurity, 
is well grounded in all the virtues, 
and is possessed of self-control and truth, 
is deserving of the yellow robe.

Those who imagine truth in untruth
and see untruth in truth
never arrive at truth but follow vain desires. 
Those who know truth as truth and untruth as untruth
arrive at truth and follow true desires.

As rain makes its way into a badly roofed house, 
so passion makes its way into an unreflecting mind. 
As rain does not make its way into a well roofed house, 
so passion does not make its way into a reflecting mind.

Wrong-doers grieve in this world, 
and they grieve in the next; they grieve in both. 
They grieve and are afflicted
when they see the wrong they have done.

The virtuous find joy in this world, 
and they find joy in the next; they find joy in both. 
They find joy and are glad
when they see the good they have done.

Wrong-doers suffer in this world, 
and they suffer in the next; they suffer in both. 
They suffer when they think of the wrong they have done. 
They suffer even more when going on the wrong path.

The virtuous are happy in this world, 
and they are happy in the next; they are happy in both. 
They are happy when they think of the good they have done. 
They are even happier when going on the good path.

Even if the thoughtless can recite many of the scriptures, 
if they do not act accordingly, 
they are not living the holy life, 
but are like a cowherd counting the cows of others.

Even if the faithful can recite
only a few of the scriptures, 
if they act accordingly, 
having given up passion, hate, and folly, 
being possessed of true knowledge and serenity of mind, 
craving nothing in this world or the next, 
they are living the holy life.


Friday, 3 January 2014

Let me once feel that lost sweet touch in the allness of the Universe  

Close your eyes and you will see clearly.
Cease to listen and you will hear Truth. 
Be silent and your heart will sing.
Seek no contacts and you will find union.
Be still and you will move forward on the tide of the spirit.
Be gentle and you will need no strength.
Be patient and you will achieve all things.
Be humble and you will remain entire. 

Taoist meditation

You are an eternal traveler. From time immemorial, you have been marching toward the fullest realization of your soul—your core being, the center of consciousness. This consciousness is greater than all the objects, thoughts, and ideas you can ever accumulate and conjure. 

Swami Rama

Stay in touch with your true Self, the real center of existence. Recognize your prison for what it is, and understand it is not your true home. The things you are attached to are not your ornaments; they are your chains. You imagine you are free, but until you taste the freedom of spirit, you do not know what moksha, freedom, truly is. 

Mata Amritanandamayi

India forces one to come face to face with oneself. It can be rather disturbing. 

E.M. Forster, A Passage to India

True ecstasy is the conjunction of light with light, when the soul of man meets the Divine Light.


It is not the stars that guide us but the divine light….
If only the lamp of divine secrets be kindled in your inner self the rest will come, either all at once or little by little….
The dark skies of unconsciousness will be lit by the divine presence and the peace and beauty of the full moon, which will rise from the horizon shedding light upon light, ever
rising in the sky, passing through its appointed stages … until it shines in glory in the center of the sky, dispersing the darkness of heedlessness…. 
Your night of unconsciousness will then see the brightness of the day...
Then you will see from the horizon of Divine Reason the sun of inner knowledge rising...It is your private sun, for you are the one whom Allah guides...
Finally, the knot will be untied… and the veils will lift and the shells will shatter, revealing the fine beneath the coarse; the truth will uncover her face. 
All this will begin when the mirror of your heart is cleansed. The light of Divine secrets will fall upon it if you are willing and ask for Him, from Him, with Him.