Monday, 27 February 2012

We are forgetful creatures, yet our forgetfulness is not by accident, but by design.
For what would be the point to life if we had all the answers? If there were no mistakes or surprises? If we already knew it all?
There would be no wondrous journey of discover, and so much of the beauty we find in the world would not exist.
Like when you hear an exquisite piece of music for the first time and it just seems to transcend all Earthly bounds – taking you to a wondrous and beautiful place you hadn’t even imagined – and how no subsequent listening can ever quite compare to that first time when you were completely ignorant.
Newness, freshness, innocence, is all part of what brings great love and joy and beauty to life.
It’s the unexpected adventure of imperfection which actually represents the perfect life.

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