Thursday, 22 March 2012

Most likely, the task is not as difficult as you first imagine it to be. Most likely, the greatest difficulty to be overcome is convincing yourself to get started with the effort. So go ahead and make it much easier by letting go of the need to fight with yourself. Just go ahead, get started, and get it done. Take all the energy you’ve put into avoiding the effort, and redirect it into productive action. You’re already making the effort to avoid, so simply change it into an effort that produces good and valuable results. Don’t waste your time creating clever excuses. Invest your time and actions in meaningful achievement. Right now, on this day, in this place, you have the power to get yourself started. You absolutely have the power to get beyond all the complaints and worries, anxieties, doubts and excuses that have been holding you back. You can choose what you do with your thoughts, and what you do with your time. Put that power to positive, meaningful use and bring great new value to your world.

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