Wednesday, 7 May 2014

See Life as a Game

Today let us do a small exercise.
Look at the person sitting next to you and tell them, 'I do not trust you at all'. What did you all feel? Did you see that it is so difficult to even say that to someone else? You feel hesitant to say something like this. I am not saying that you tell the other person, 'I trust you so much'. Instead I am telling you to say, 'I do not trust you at all'. But we are feeling so uncomfortable in even saying that. Isn’t it so?
So today, you all did something that you have never done before. You told another person that you do not trust him or her. And what happened? The moment you said that, you started laughing and the other person started laughing as well. Has something like this ever happened in life earlier? No, it has not. Why is this so? It is because you all took this as a game, nothing more. In the same way, you should also see all of life as a game. That is why we have the word Leela (meaning the pastimes or games of the Divine). When you see all of life as a leela, then nothing in this world can shake you, or bring any sort of negativity. When you have this feeling, then nothing will ever be able to dim the light within you.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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