Sunday, 3 March 2013

Osho on Bliss and Meditation – Bliss is the god of meditation

Osho – Bliss is the god of meditation. We are not searching for any other god. We are not searching god as a person, because there is nobody like that. Those are all just childish fantasies. The god of Christians and the Hindus and the Mohammedans and the Jews, is nothing but our projection. The Bible says god created man in his own image. The truth is just the contrary: man created god in his own image And it is so obvious.

Look in the Old Testament and you will find all the Jewish qualities in god! Look in the Bhagavad Gita and you will find all the Hindu qualities in god. Look in the Koran and you will find all the qualities of Mohammedans in their concept of god. These are not truths, these are just wish-fulfilments. We are creating our god according to our desires No such gods exits.

The only god that truly exists is an experience of bliss. And to experience bliss the way is meditation, not prayer, but meditation. Prayer belongs to the idea of god as a person. When you think of god as a person somewhere there above the clouds then prayer becomes relevant, then it is an I-thou dialogue. You say something to god and hope that some day the answer will come — it never comes, or if it comes that simply means you are hallucinating (laughter), that you are putting the question and you are answering it too. You are hearing voices which are not there, your own voices you are hearing.

In fact this whole attitude is insane, and religions have created a very insane humanity. Their words are beautiful prayer. If you go into a mad asylum you will find mad people talking — sitting alone — and having great argument with somebody. You cannot see, but they must be seeing. They are not only saying things to the person who is not there. They are even answering from his side. And the very articulate madmen use different voices.

If you are listening from far away or not seeing the person actually, from a distance or behind a wall you are standing, you may really think there are two persons, but it is a monologue. The person is really a ventriloquist. But when you call it prayer suddenly it seems very great, nothing insanity in it, no madness in it. Prayer simply means you are talking to the sky. The answer is not going to come. There is nobody to answer it!

Meditation is a totally different approach. It is not a dialogue, it is a silence. You are not saying anything to anybody, you are stopping the very process of thought, you are dispersing the crowd of words inside you. You are emptying yourself, creating inner space. And when your inner space is totally free from all junk — words, thoughts, memories, desires, dreams, imaginations — when all are gone and you are simply there, silently there, experiencing this tremendous nothingness, that is the moment when bliss is felt for the first time. And to me bliss is the true god. It is better to call it godliness because it is a quality, an experience, not an object.

Meditation means silence and bliss means the experience that happens in that silence. And once you have experienced bliss you have experienced everything worth experiencing, you have touched the very essential core of existence.

Source – Osho book “Nirvana now or never”

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