Monday, 28 April 2014

Peace is in
The fragrance-heart
Of my sleepless meditation.

What does peace do? Peace blossoms.
What else? Peace spreads.
What else? Peace illumines.
What else? Peace fulfils.

Peace I feel
In infinite measure
When my life becomes
The fragrance
Of my gratitude-heart.

I receive peace
In abundant measure
When I take my mind
To fly with me
In my simplicity, sincerity,
Humility and purity-plane
In the Sky of God’s Compassion,
Protection and Satisfaction

Silences the nightmares of the mind.
Feeds the dreams of the heart.

Do not allow the past
To impose itself on you.
Do not allow the future
To come to you unduly fast.
Just try to live
In your today’s peace-world.

Sri Chinmoy

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