Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Before sleep meditation

Osho Meditation - Just Feel the Breath

Osho - One meditation you can start every night before you go to sleep.... Just sit in your bed – sit in a relaxed way – and close your eyes. Feel the body relaxing.... If the body starts leaning forwards, allow it; it may lean forward. It may like to take a womb posture – just as when a child is in the mother’s womb. If you feel like that, just move into the womb posture: become a small child in the mother’s womb.

Then just listen to your breathing, nothing else. Just listen to it – the breathing going in, the breathing going out; the breathing going in, the breathing going out. I’ m not saying to say it – just feel it going in; when it is going out, feel it going out.

Just feel it, and in that feeling you will feel tremendous silence and clarity arising. This is just for ten to twenty minutes – minimum ten, maximum twenty – then go to sleep, mm? And tell me after fifteen days. Just let things happen as if you are not the doer. For fifteen days become completely dead. That will be a very necessary thing for the fruit to ripen and to fall on its own accord.

Source: " God Is Not For Sale, Chapter 12 " - Osho

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