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Being true to myself

Being true

Experiments with being true and undivided

The Meditation Second for now:
Being true to myself

We live in a world of illusions, being divided in many parts and even the senses cannot tell what is real and what is not. Finding out the undivided self is liberation. A complete turn towards oneself is the chance for a fulfilled life.

Osho on how to get out of illusions

Illusions deceive, 
colors circumscribe,
even divisibles are indivisible.

Sutra from the Book of Secrets

Everything is illusory
"This is a rare technique, one not much used, but one of the greatest teachers in India, Shankara, has used it, and Shankara has based his whole philosophy on this technique. You know his philosophy of maya – illusion. Shankara says everything is illusory. Whatsoever you are seeing, hearing, feeling, all is illusion. It is not real because the real cannot be contacted by senses.

Everchanging world
This whole world is maya, a confusion. You cannot decide; you cannot be decisive about it. It is always escaping you, always changing, turning into something else. It is fantasy, a dreamlike thing. This technique is concerned with this philosophy. Illusions deceive or, that which deceives is illusion – colors circumscribe, even divisibles are indivisible. In this world of illusion nothing is certain. This whole world is like rainbows. They appear to be, but they are not. If you are far away they are, but if you come nearer they dissolve. The nearer you come, the more they are not. If you reach to a point where you were seeing a rainbow, it is no more there.

The world - a rainbow
The whole world is like rainbow colors, and it is so. When you are far away everything is hopeful; when you come nearer the hope disappears. And when you reach the goal, only ashes are there – just a dead rainbow. The colors have disappeared, and things as they appeared are not. As you feel them to be, they are not.

Everything is uncertain
Even divisibles are indivisible. Your whole mathematics, your whole calculating system, all your concepts, all your philosophy, just become futile. If you try to understand this illusion, your very effort confuses you more. Nothing is certain there; everything is uncertain – a flux, a flux of change, with no possibility for you to decide whether this or that is true or false. What will happen? If you take this attitude, what will happen? If you really go deep in this attitude that everything which cannot be decided is illusory, you will automatically, spontaneously turn to yourself. Then the only point where you can have a center is in your own being. That is certain."

Osho, excerpted from The Book of Secrets, Chapter 35

To be real is to be undivided

Becoming real again
"Civilization is a training in how to become unreal. Tantra is the reverse process – how to prevent yourself from becoming unreal, and if you have already become unreal, how to touch the reality which is hidden within you, how to contact it again, how to be again real. The first thing to be understood is how we go on becoming unreal, and once this process is understood many things change immediately. The very understanding becomes mutation.

Man is an individual body-mind
Man is born undivided. He is neither a body nor a mind. He is born undivided, as one individual. He is both body and mind. Even to say that he is both is wrong. He is body-mind. Body and mind are two aspects of his being, not two divisions – two polarities of something which we may call life, energy or anything – XYZ – but body and mind are not two things.

Being real is being undivided
The very process of civilization, education, culture, conditioning, starts with the division. Everyone is taught that he is two, not one, and then, of course, one begins to be identified with the mind and not with the body. The very thinking process becomes your center and the thinking process is just a periphery. It is not the center because you can exist without thinking. Once you existed without thinking: thinking is not a necessity to exist. If you go deep in meditation you will be, and there will be no thinking..."

Osho, excerpted from The Book of Secrets, Chapter 35

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