Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Today I am aware of the spine

Awareness of the spine

Experiments with the spine and the back

The Meditation Second for now:
Being aware of the spine
and what is behind me

Withdrawing the attention of what is in front and bringing it to the back, specifically to the inside thread of the spine, you will experience a new centeredness in daily life.

Osho on the spine and meditation

Place your whole attention in the nerve, 
delicate as the lotus thread, 
in the center of your spinal column.
In such be transformed.

Sutra from the Book of Secrets

Close your eyes and visualize your spine
For this sutra, for this technique of meditation, one has to close his eyes and visualize his spinal column, his backbone. It is good to look up in some physiology book the structure of the body, or to go to some medical college or hospital and look at the structure of the body. Then close your eyes and visualize your backbone. Let the backbone be straight, erect. Visualize it, see it, and just in the middle of it visualize a nerve, delicate as the lotus thread, running in the center of your spinal column. In such be transformed.

Becoming centered
If you can, concentrate on the spinal column, and then on a thread in the middle of it - on a very delicate nerve like a lotus thread running through it. Concentrate on it, and this very concentration throws you to your center. Why?
The brain - growing out of the spine
The spinal column is the base of your whole body structure. Everything is joined to it. Really, your brain is nothing but one pole of your spinal column. Physiologists say it is nothing but a spinal column growth; your brain is really a growth of your spinal column.

The delicate nerve in the spine
Your spine is connected with your whole body - everything is connected to it. That is why it is called the spine, the base. In this spine there is really a thread-like thing, but physiology will not say anything about it because it is not material. In this spine, just in the middle, there is a silver cord - a very delicate nerve. It is not really a nerve in the physiological sense. You cannot operate and find it; it will not be found there.

Becoming aware of the silver cord
But in deep meditation it is seen. It is there; it is non-material. It is energy, not matter. And really, that energy cord in your spinal column is your life. Through that you are related to the invisible existence, and through that also you are related to the visible. That is the bridge between the invisible and the visible. Through that thread you are related to the body, and through that thread also you are related to your soul.
First imagination, then reality
First, visualize the spine. At first you will feel very strange, you will be able to visualize it, but as an imagination. And if you go on endeavoring, then it will not be just your imagination. You will become capable of seeing your spinal column.

The thread of life in the spine
Once you can feel, concentrate and realize this thread, you will be filled with a new light. The light will be coming from your spinal column. It will spread all over your body; it may even go beyond your body. When it goes beyond, auras are seen."

Osho, excerpted from The Book of Secrets, Chapter 9

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