Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Zorba the Buddha

Child waiting earthbound. 
Cloud sparrow higher and higher.


It is a small haiku. It says, child waiting earthbound.... A child in the mother’s womb is waiting to come to the earth. First one has to get roots into the earth; only then can you spread your branches into the sky like wings. Unless you have roots, you cannot spread your wings into the sky. The deeper the roots, the higher goes the tree...almost reaching to the stars.

Sampu is saying, “Child waiting in the mother’s womb.” For what? Earthbound, he wants to get to the earth, to get his roots deep into the earth, because unless you have roots in the earth you cannot rise into the sky, you cannot be a cedar of Lebanon, four hundred feet high. Then you need four-hundred-foot-deep roots. A balance is needed, otherwise the tree will fall.

This is one of my basic and essential approaches, that unless you are deeply rooted in materialism you cannot rise into spirituality.

The East has committed one mistake: it has been trying to reach to the stars without going deeper into the earth, and it has been a complete failure. The West has committed another mistake: it goes on growing the roots into the earth, into matter, and it has forgotten completely about the stars.

Hence my continuous emphasis that every one of you has to be a Zorba the Buddha. Zorba is the roots in the earth, and the buddha is a longing to fly into ultimate freedom, to reach to the space which is unbounded.

Osho: Christianity: The Deadliest Poison and Zen: The Antidote to All Poison

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