Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Is This Your Time?

I love your beauty, your depth, your femininity
I love your surrender, your innocence, your vulnerability
But . . . do you hear the call ?
Does illumination beckon you?

Do you feel it in your blood . . . the descent of Light?
Has enlightenment captured your heart
Thrown you to the ground . . . claimed you
Wiping out all other priorities?

I truly love how connected you are
How easily love flows from your heart
How deeply the sacred moves you

I love that the attraction between us is strong
The compatibility a blessing . . . like a flowing river
But . . . do you hear the call ? Is this your time?
Your time to awaken . . . to leave the illusion behind?

Has illumination become your priority
Your intention, your destiny?
Has spiritual fervor, chased away all other suitors
Or does the world still call you?

I so adore your dharma nature, your willingness to serve
How you move to relieve suffering
You are such a goddess
The divine feminine . . . in love with the sacred

But . . . is this really your time ?
Your time to awaken from the dream
Leave separation behind
See with the eye of Oneness?

You have awakened in the dream--I can see that in your eyes
Your presence is obvious . . . deeply rooted in the now
But have you awakened from the dream
Has separation taken flight . . . has the charm claimed you?

Can you sustain surrender ? Can you sacrifice ego
Over and over and over . . . until the Divine has become you
Until the veil is so thin that you live on Light . . . on Love
On the shine of Perfection?

I love how you do the work
How deeply you love the Truth
How easily you forgive
I adore your authenticity, your sincerity, your devotion

But . . . is this really your time ?
Are you done with self serving ?
Done with ego identity . . . done with illusion
Or does the matrix still call you ?

Is base camp no longer an option
Because you are in heat with the Divine Beloved
And the summit is calling?
Calling deep in your bones

Is this your time ?
Like really . . . your time?

Chris McCombs

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