Friday, 11 January 2013



Shout it to the trees, shout it to the world, shout it to the stars, that 'I am only three' -- and be. Three is exactly the age when a child dies, nearabout three. The child loses all contact with nature and becomes part of the society. It is the time, the boundary line which he crosses, loses all contact with his own being, becomes a member of the society. Up to then he was just like animals and trees and rocks. Then he is a citizen, then he starts learning manners, language, etiquette. Then, by and by, he is growing out of childhood,
going farther and farther away from god. So if it has happened and you remember that 'I am three', be, be that age, and soon you will start going even deeper. You will be two, you will be one. One day you will
suddenly see you are being born, passing through the birth canal, and one day you will see you are in the womb, surrounded by your mother's warmth. And at that moment first satori happens, first glimpse of samadhi. Because when you are in the womb there is no worry, no responsibility. You don't breathe even, the mother does that for you. When you are in a womb you are tremendously in surrender. In the womb
there is no doubt, all is trust. In the womb the child knows no mind, he is simply there without any self.
he first glimpse of enlightenment comes when one has entered again into the womb, one has come to recognize that one is again in the womb -- this whole universe becomes a womb. It is a womb. The whole universe becomes your mother. The whole universe becomes suddenly warm, it is not cold. It is loving. You are not in a strange world, you are at home. You are not an outsider, you are an insider. The first satori happens when you are again back in the womb of your mother. So, Parijat, go backwards. And this going backwards is not really going backwards, it is going forwards. Because you don't have any other language, that's why 'childhood', 'birth', 'womb', have to be used. Freud had a very uncanny, intuitive sense of recognizing a few things about which he was not even convinced. Sometimes he was against them, because he was not a religious person. But he had a very intuitive sense of recognizing things. Howsoever vaguely, but
he recognized many things. One of his great insights was this: that religion is a search for the womb, and a religious person is one who wants again to be a child in the mother's womb. Exactly it is so. He was talking about it in a negative way, he was condemning it. But it is exactly so. Then the circle is complete. You have come to the womb again; now the womb is the whole universe. Now your whole life has become circular, complete -- empty and complete, nothing and all.

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