Saturday, 5 January 2013

There is a road to emptiness;
Everyone arrives.
Those who arrive then realize
The excellence of their aim.
The mind ground does not grow
Useless plants and trees;
Naturally the body spontaneously
Radiates clear light.

When I was young, even though I had not attained the way, in my heart I knew these were extraordinary lines. But how about hearing sound and seeing form? They are both conceivable; how can they be inconceivable?

Then when he talks about realization, he turns around and says, "It's just like before you were enlightened." Everything before enlightenment is conceivable; how can you see a realization? This man attained non-attainment; only when you reach the ultimate stage can you be like this. Only after ten years did I actually understand him.

Generally speaking, when you go journeying to learn the path to enlightenment, you seek. Do not sit ignorantly, but go to someone to find out the truth with certainty. When this truth is hard to realize, that is called unfinished business. Have you not heard it said that once you realize, then there's a difference? Yesterday one had breakfast and dinner, today one has breakfast and dinner—is it the same person as before? There's a difference; it's not the same.


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